A Week of Firsts…

Well I will start off by saying Welcome to my New Blog.After having serious thoughts about http://www.flugl.wordpress.com, I decided that now as I am in my 30s, it is time to say “adios” to Flugl and “ola” to Suki-Lou….

So this is my first post on my new blogsite, but what else has been happening in my Week of Firsts?  Here it is in a list format:

1. First time I went swimming with Little Miss and it was amazing fun, once we had both got used to being in the water, we had a whale of a time.

2. First time we joined a library.  I havent been to a library since I left school, and was surprised at how good our local one is and you can borrow books for free!  Sweet!

3. First time my orchid plant has grown a flower – am really chuffed 🙂

Suki-Lou's Orchid

4. First time Little Miss has discovered she can open the drawer of yummy snackettes all by herself!  Hence the need for a reorganisation of the kitchen cupboards or to buy some of those kiddy proof drawer thingy-me-bobs.

5. First time the family went for a picnic at the lovely Tilgate Park, only regret was I didnt bring my camera, and the phone camera just couldnt handle the brilliant sunshine, so I couldnt capture what a great day we had!

6. First time Little Miss went to a farm (again at Tilgate Park) and was completely wowed by all the animals.

Mama Pig Cockerel & Piglet Mooo

7. First time Little Miss and I went on a train journey to see my Sis, which would have been impossible if my friend hadnt very kindly lent me her Maclarens stroller.  Sis and I had a great day just hanging out, swapping toddler tips and watching the girls play together.

8. First Smart Trike for Little Miss, which she is cant get enough of, first time I have ever seen her obsessed with anything!

Photo Credit: brands-uncovered.co.uk

Cant wait to see what next week brings!


8 responses to “A Week of Firsts…

  1. BTW – as Hubster has tomorrow off, my weekend starts early! Looking forward to a 4 dayer, what with the Bank Hol Mon…bring it on!

  2. Hi, we were at Tilgate Park on Monday, did the picnic, animals and we took that very same bike, but it has less bits on it as they have fallen off, from over use. Liking the new look blog

    • Hi Emily – thanks for coming over & checking out the new site, Tilgate is a great place, I never realised how big it is! Little Miss loves that bike, I imagine it wont be too long before bits start falling off it though!

  3. Love your new blog and what a wonderful post of ‘firsts’. Sounds like you loving life and filling it to the max with lots of fun and interesting things. Best wishes, Sarah

    • Hi Sarah – thanks for popping over and checking out the new blog 🙂 Life is good at the moment and am discovering loads of new and exciting things to do where we live (more to do now Little Miss is 1yr). Hope you are well, Suki-Lou

  4. Love the new name and look! congrats on being in your thirties. That decade rocks!
    I am turning 40 next month and am quite stoked to be that old.
    Love your firsts

    • Hi NottheSoccerMom – thanks for your lovely comments – my 20s were good, but I think my 30s will be better 🙂 Congrats on turning 40 next month! Are you having a big party?

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