Mealtime Battles

Little Miss loves to throw food, even if she is hungry, it still ends up on the floor….luckily Black Dog is so lazy she doesnt bother joining us for breakfast, lunch or dinner (I think she likes the peace & quiet upstairs) otherwise she would hit bonus time everyday and be the size of a house!

I, the exasperated mother, decided that this has to end as I couldnt face cleaning up another of my lovingly prepared wholesome meals from the floor for much longer.  I spoke to friends and family and soon realised that it is about time Little Miss learnt to feed herself.  But surely this would create more mess?

Well after the advise of my lovely sis, I went and bought some compartmental plastic dishes, shallow bowls and lots of long sleeved bibs!  After a few false starts, Little Miss picked it up really quickly and it showed that that was what the food throwing was all about: having control.

As suggested, I am teaching her to pass me her plate when she is finished (otherwise any leftover food starts being dropped onto the floor) and I cant quite believe it but….it works!  Well, most of the time, but it is still early days.  Little Miss gets heaps of praise for feeding herself and we can now eat our breakfast and lunch together – it is most civilised!

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One response to “Mealtime Battles

  1. Oh the joys! And I have all this to haunt me again next year when bubs number three arrives! They just love to experiment with the different textures and explore them in every possible way… sounds like you’re onto a good plan. I had a high chair with a ‘double tray’ and used to just put the finger food straight onto the top tray, without any plates initially. If there was any sign of food throwing I’d whip the top tray off, leaving an empty one and we soon got there. Geez the crafty creativeness us parents have to muster up – even when we’re exhausted, sleep-deprived and losing brain cells faster than our off-spring are gaining them. x

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