Wicked Weekends

I wanted to write about our brilliant day out with the Grandparents last week, but I came down with a nasty bug and getting through each day was exhausting – but I am now feeling on the mend – so in this post you get a double whammy…the lowdown on 2 wicked weekends:

The Saturday before last, the Grandparents took us to Drusillas Park, in Alfriston East Sussex, and it went waaay beyond my expectations.  I thought it would be a tiny zoo which would take about an hour to go around, but I was wrong – it was huge!  It took us most of the day to see most of the animal exhibits, and we had to miss out on the super cool kids playground and loads of other stuff as we ran out of time…..no matter, we shall definitely be going back, it was worth every penny of the shockingly big entrance fees!

There were loads of things at Drusillas to get everyone involved, including the adults.  Free booklets were available at the entrance, one was a ‘collect the stamp’ book, which involved spotting particular animals, the other was a booklet in which you recorded your achievements from challenges set around the park…I didnt see any whinging bored kids, because they were all occupied filling in their books!  All the animal enclosures were well kept and clean, the animals looked happy and I didnt see any sign of neurotic behaviour….well not from the animals at least 😉  All in all, Suki-Lou & Family give Drusillas 2 thumb ups!

Photo Credit:  Drusillas Park Photo Credit:  Drusillas Park Photo Credit:  Drusillas Park Photo Credit:  Drusillas Park

After the excitement of the zoo, we felt the need for tea & cake, so went to a quaint tearoom in Alfriston village called Badgers Tea House, and I have it on good authority that it is the best tea house in town.  We had our scrumptious tea in the gorgeous walled garden of the historically maintained house (gosh, people were small back in the day – apparently they have had to dig out 9 inches from the downstairs WC just to accomodate today’s lofty visitors).  We feasted on crumpets, scones and chocolate cake as well as lovely tea in beautiful china teacups (it always taste better in proper china, I dont know why, but it does).  It was a lovely end to a fantastic day, although Little Miss was exhausted from our day out and just wanted to go home so we had to cut our tearoom experience short, but shall definately be paying another visit in the future.

The Walled Garden Scrummy Tea Chocolate Cake - I didnt have much time to take a photo before it was demolished!

On Sunday, we decided to visit Gatton Park, which has been advertised in the Baby Surrey Magazine…sadly it wasnt what we had expected, especially after the awesome day we had before.  We went for a walk around the grounds and the lake, but the map was not to scale, and we nearly got locked in as it took us ages to trek (and I mean, trek!) back to the manor house.  The views were amazing and if someone chucked a boat load of money at it, a small fortune could probably be made – it just needs a damn good tidy up!

A view from the lake The Lake

So rolling on through a particularly gruesome week to the weekend just gone:

We have just come back from visiting the lovely Violet Posy and her family.  We always have such a great time hanging out with them and catching up….good times… Little Miss always learns something new when we see these guys, last time she learnt how to clap – this time, she learnt where her ears are and how to climb stairs!!!  She spent all of Sunday afternoon practicing on our stairs once we got home, which was scary as they are very steep and narrow, but there havent been any bumps or bruises yet, phew!

This week I shall mostly be putting up stairgates!  Take care y’all x


2 responses to “Wicked Weekends

  1. LOL! Sorry about the stairgates 😉 It was really lovely to see you all x

  2. LOL – no worries, is good she is so adventurous 🙂
    Thanks again for having us to stay x

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