Centre Parcs, Staying at Grandparents & Going out Old School Style

Apologies for the delay since my last post, this is the first time in ages where I have had more than 5 mins to sit down and tap this out.

We have been trying out a new sleep routine on Little Miss, whereby she wakes later in the am, skips her morning nap, but has a nice decent kip after lunch, then fun fun fun until bedtime at 8pm.  As Little Miss was beginning to outgrow that mid morning nap, I decided to take the opportunity to move everything forward half an hour, but it was a struggle as she just wouldnt accept it and we have had some very tired and whingie days, but I think we are now getting somewhere *fingers crossed*

Centre Parcs

We had heard good reviews from friends about Centre Parks Longleat, so we decided to give it a shot and took a long weekend there a couple of weeks ago and I have to say I was actually quite impressed.  It is the kind of place that is mainly geared to all who are over the age of 2, as there are loads of activites to keep everyone entertained from kayaking to badminton – click here to check it out yourself.  Hubster & I are quite active people, so we really enjoyed exploring the place by bicycle with Little Miss in a trailer, she loved it and I totally wowed Hubby by being able to keep up – those sessions at the gym are definitely paying off!

The accommodation was good, we were tempted to go for the Executive Lodge, but decided we could make do with a Woodland Lodge for a couple of days to help to keep costs down and again we were surprised how nice it was (though we did go for a new style one, which has been recently renovated).  I renamed our lodge ‘The Ikea Cube’, because it was like sitting in the showroom of an Ikea store, but it was just what we needed – enough room for the 3 of us, clean and best of all, all the lodges are actually in the woods – so when you look out of your window all you can see is the wildlife and the woodland.

Photo Credit: Centre Parcs Photo Credit: Centre Parcs Photo Credit: Centre Parcs

About 10 minutes drive away is Longleat Safari Park, which was awesome…we went late in the day to drive around the animal enclosure and definitely timed it right as the tigers, lions and wolves had just been fed, so they were active and moving about – a tiger walked right behind our car (I thought it was going to leap on the car, so was sweating it a bit, especially as at that time Little Miss found the button to open the window) and then a bit later on, a wolf sauntered in front of our car as well (obviously these animals are in separate parts of the park, or there would be all hell to pay!)….the only thing that was a bit gutting was that the Monkey Jungle was closed 😦 So the only thing for it is to go again in Spring next year.

Photo Credit: Longleat Safari Park Photo Credit: Longleat Safari Park Photo Credit: Longleat Safari Park

Staying at Grandparents

Now Little Miss is 14 months, we decided it was time to make a big step and leave her in the capable hands of the Grandparents overnight…on her own….without us there….Take a big deep breath in & let it out slowly

Actually it was great, we dropped her off on Saturday just before lunchtime, so that food could be used as distraction (my daughter is a gannet) and arranged to pick her up at the same time the following day….and it went really well, I had made sure we would be busy during the evening when I know I would miss her the most – luckily nursery has cured me of us been apart in the daytime.  So, the Hubster and I went to the Lanes in Brighton, had a bite to eat and found the most gorgeous cupcake shop in the world – Angel Food Bakery – if you get a chance you must go there, it is divine!

Photo Credit: Angel Food Bakery Photo Credit: ANgel Food Bakery Photo Credit: Angel Food Bakery

Going out Old School Style

We then met up with friends, saw their gorgeous new house (yes, I now have house envy),  went to a bar called the Electricity Rooms in London and followed it up with a bit of dancing at Club de Fromage.  Well, I say a bit, we were there until the very early hours (ahem…5am) and then truly suffered for it the following day – but it was worth it!

When we made our way back to the Grandparents the following day with killer hangovers and serious sleep deprivation we were greeted by Little Miss smiling from ear to ear.  She had had a great time – Grandad had taken some video of them hanging out and she was clearly having a ball.  So much so, she actually cried when we packed up to go home!

So all in all the last 3 weekends have been filled with visiting friends and family, which has been great – although I am looking forward to just chilling out at home this weekend!


4 responses to “Centre Parcs, Staying at Grandparents & Going out Old School Style

  1. We’re going to Center Parcs in a few weeks … nice to hear the good report…

    • Cool 🙂 Hope you have a great time & the weather holds out for you… Definitely shall be going back there again, but shall take more time looking at all the activities that are available, I am bummed we missed the treasure hunt on the Sunday!

  2. Sounds like a fabulous trip and so pleased the ‘sleep over’ with Grandparents was such a success. Sounds like you had a rocking night indeed!

  3. Thanks designed for sharing such a good opinion, piece of writing is pleasant, thats why i have
    read it entirely

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