The C-Word

The C-Word….everyone is beginning to mutter it….and now I found myself doing it too….

No!  Not that C-Word….I meant Christmas!

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I know – its only October and we should be gearing up for Halloween and Fireworks Night (although Violet Posy is doing a good job of preparing for Harvest Festival) but it seems that everyone is fast forwarding to Christmas already.

The shops are now stocking mince pies and fruitcake, Christmas presents are being bought and people are chatting incessently about the festive season.

The topic of where & with whom we plan to spend Christmas was discussed at our house on Sunday.

We are very lucky for having various invites for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years, but I normally get carried away and end up overbooking us, so that December ends up being a frantic month whereby we are racing around like headless turkeys chickens, having no rest and starting the New Year exhausted – and this is what the Hubster dreads.

Christmas 2009 is an especially important one as we plan to be in NZ next year, so this will be the last one we have to spend with our friends and  family for a long time coming.

So I think that kind of decides it – this will have to be our last year of Crazy Christmas Celebrations before we jet off.  There is no doubt that our Christmas’ will be less mad in the future, so the Hubster can breath a sigh of relief….unless you count having a Christmas Turkey Dinner with all the trimmings in the middle of Summer a bit mental?  Even when it is cooked on the BBQ?

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Have you started thinking about the C-Word?  Got any tips for avoiding the stress?


4 responses to “The C-Word

  1. Awww going to miss you guys next Xmas – will have to sort out meeting up this year 🙂 Have a new car coming Friday so at least we can get down now LOL! xx

  2. 😦 I know…shall miss watching Jools doing the big countdown 🙂 Cant wait to see your new ride – mail me with some dates for meeting up x

  3. Oh wow you are coming to New Zealand! Go all out and enjoy a HUGE one this year as you’ll be fancy free to do as you please next year!

    LOVE the new look to your blog. Sorry I haven’t dropped by in a while, just catching up now.

    Where abouts in NZ are you thinking of heading to? If it’s Welly then you have to come round for a BBQ!

    As for the ‘C’ word – I hate to say it but it’s in my head (but not being talked about yet). I usually like to get all the pressies off to the UK on the early posting, that way when December comes it’s all about ‘us’ and doing the fun stuff with the children.

    Best wishes, Sarah 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by, I have been reading about your adventures, but havent had the time to get onto my mac to leave a comment – shall pop over there now 🙂

      We are very excited about our move to NZ, we will probably start off in Auckland but who know where we shall settle down once we get there! A barbie sounds like a great idea, would love to meet you all 🙂

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