Weird Coincidence

So the other day I was chatting to my sis about how Little Miss can now make majority of the main animal sounds when prompted  (lion, elephant, sheep, cow etc)…and she bought up a really good point:

Isnt it strange that parents concentrate teaching kiddies all the different animals there are – jungle animals, farm animals, pets…animals play such a major part in our growing up and yet a lot of these animals are becoming extinct, right under our noses!

Will future generations learn about tigers, lions and elephants as a slice of history or will they still be featured in childrens books even though they no longer exist?

Of course there are many zoos all over the world where these rare animals can be seen up close, but this is not how it should be, we all know in our hearts that these animals should be wild, roaming the lands, not being human-fied…

Weirdly, that evening I was checking out my blog reader and saw this from Maternal Tales – her 5 year old had written the most heartbreaking note I think I have ever seen…

Then the following evening, Hubster and I were settling down to watch some telly and this (click the video on the right hand side) Act on CO2 advert came on…

Both of these coincidences made me feel blue and so felt I should write a post about it to help raise awareness.  Visit WWF for more information.

It saddens me to think that my future grandchildren or even great grandchildren might never see such amazing animals…

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One response to “Weird Coincidence

  1. Agreed, it’s just so tragic x

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