My Beloved Telly…

It has been utter madness of late…I dont know whether I am coming or going…

My fabulous cousin is doing an amazing job redecorating the entire downstairs of our house and it is coming along beautifully, although we have now being kicked out of the dining room (cum playroom) and the living room…so we only have the kitchen, the nursery and our bedroom to hang out in – all of which have been piled to the rafters with crap from the aforementioned rooms…it is a bit….suffocating…

We have a television upstairs in the bedroom which we had been thinking of getting rid of, but laziness was in control and we hadnt got round to it and thank god!  I am too much of an addict to be without my beloved telly box for more than a day.

On a normal day, the Hubster and I eat dinner off our knees in the living room whilst watching telly and catching up on each other’s days, but with the living room being out of bounds, we are consigned to huddling round the ill fitting table in the kitchen which makes mealtime a horrid and rushed affair….so a big Thank You goes out to India Knight who blogged a while back about Live TV on your iPhone….I had a little play around with it and it turns out, if you are a UK resident, you can also get live telly on your laptop!  Hooray….so even though it is blimming uncomfortable, we can suffer the said hated table and watch our fav shows whilst eating!  I love gadgety stuff!

Meanwhile, the new sofa arrives tomorrow and I am sitting here crossing my fingers and toes hoping it will fit in through the front door – I think I will cry if it doesnt…My poor Cuz is (in her words) “going grey” trying to get the living room finished off (she has been having fun & games trying to get the paint colour exactly right – bless her), but we should be back in there for the weekend…just in time for the All Blacks game!  Sweet!!

Talking about telly, we have now finished most of our recorded telly programmes and there doesnt seem to be much out there at the mo….have been persevering with Stargate Pap – which we thought would be good as it has Robert Carlise in it…wrong!  Kinda liking Flashforward, though the main character – Joseph Fiennes – is seriously ruining it for me…too many smoldering looks- get on with saving the world!!!….But am enjoying Lie To Me, you gotta love Tim Roth…

Have you got any good shows to recommend??




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