Well it is now officially December and the UK will go mad with Christmas celebrations, decorations and presents…although I have to admit, I am kinda looking forward to it this year as Little Miss is just old enough to understand it and so that will make it all worth it.  I think when you are in your 20s/30s (ahem) you ‘grow’ out of Christmas and it all seems like a big fat waste of time, then you have kids and as you see the wonder on their faces when they see all the twinkly lights, Santa and the mountain of presents, you start to get excited about it all over again – especially if it snows 🙂

Today though, I have a sickly Little Miss who seems to have the wretched tummy bug that is doing the rounds…and a poorly Black Dog who is having an allergic reaction to who-knows-what…so I am putting a brave face on today and trying not to worry about my two babies…though being stuck in the house with the invalids (who have settled into their beds now) is giving me the chance to catch up on things, including writing this post!

Firstly, I must mention last Sunday, Little Miss, Hubster and I joined the British Mummy Bloggers meetup at London Zoo (sponsored by, and even though the weather was complete shite – we still had a great time.  It was fantastic to see so many other Mummy Bloggers and I cant wait for the next one.   Thank you to A Modern Mother for organising it all 🙂

Even though I havent had the chance to keep up with my own blog, I am almost up to date with reading other people’s blogs (thanks to the awesome iPhone & having some timeout during CBeebies Bedtime Hour)…so I thought I would share a few with you:

Lemon Drizzle: The Grumblemouth Incident – when Daddy tries too hard…

Slightly South of Sanity: Hot Fuzz – a disastrous date with some…erm…hair removal cream…ouch!

Kitty Tells It Like It Is: The Greek Part 1 – a fab recommendation by Potty Mummy – it is great!

Thanks to Juggling Motherhood for her weekly top 5 links which are always good, but especially so this time as she has linked through to the Kiwi Mummy Blogs site – awesome!

and finally – hoping that 1moremeans4 & her brood are feeling better 🙂


Well – it looks like breaktime is now over and I should get back to the grind of housework…oh deep joy…

BTW – went to the vets and it turns out Black Dog may be allergic to paint!  We shall know more when my cousin comes back to finish the decorating later on it the week…*sighs*…this week is definitely throwing allsorts my way!







3 responses to “Allsorts

  1. Poor little ones being so ill and especially Black Dog being allergic to paint! Wow! Hope they are better for the weekend – can’t wait to see you all x

    • Aw thanks – Black Dog came up in hives again late last night – so I think that paint smells can be ruled out….the mystery continues…am going to try to eliminate stuff over the next couple of days to see if I can pinpoint the problem…in the meantime, I am stocking up in Piriton!

      Looking forward to the weekend 🙂 It will be a blast (as always) 🙂

  2. Juggling Motherhood

    Hiya, I’m glad you found my blog and liked the 5 links! I like the photo of your banner, it makes me forget that it is foggy and raining outside! Take care.

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