Love It/Hate It

Inspired by Great Fun 4 Kids, I shall do a brief run down of this week’s loves/hates:

Am loving the fact that my new living room and bedroom windows have now been fitted – it took 2 long days, but the house is snugly warm and we can now choose whether we want the windows to be open or shut – a few of the old windows were painted shut and the others had such a dodgy fit in the frame that you could hear the wind whistling through!

Am hating the fact that the new living room curtains wont be sorted until 2010 (sounds ages away, doesnt it?) – so we are having to watch telly in the dark so the sticky beak neighbours cant nosey in, although am loving the fact it makes Generation Kill alot more intense!!

Am loving that the kitchen and playroom are now nearly finished (hoping the chippie is finished by tom) and we can give all our vases and nicknacks a proper home rather than be piled up on my kitchen windowsill.

Am loving the fact that I am on top of my Christmas Cards already – just got to post the overseas ones and I am done….sweet!  We tried a bit of home craft (Little Miss still isnt that keen on it), and managed to get a few Rudolph cards done – so these went to the grandparents…

Am loving my enthusiasm to get at least one Christmas Present wrapped a day…am hating the fact that I have only wrapped one present so far…whoops!

Loved the Iron Cupcake Challenge earlier this week…it was Cupcake Craziness!!  Went with the girls as ‘eaters’ and as first timers we clearly didnt have a scooby doo!  We kept a respectable distance waiting for the go-ahead to start sampling the heavenly creations, whilst the more experienced were clamouring around the tables waiting to grab as many as they could pile on their plates!!  We managed to score about 4 cupcakes to try out and now we know what to expect next time!  Fellow eaters watch out!!  The cupcakes were de-lish and I managed to get a taste of the one that won!  Yippee!  and yes, it was scrum-diddly-umptious!  I am considering entering into the next challenge as have loads of wicked ideas for the theme, which is Love.

Visited Santa’s Grotto at Hever last weekend with Violet Posy and her fab family and we loved it.  Hever had made a real effort to make the Castle and grounds xmassy and it was all sparkly and magical.  It was Little Miss’ first proper visit to Santa and even though she was a bit wary of Father Christmas, she didnt freak out (phew!) plus she got a lovely Pingu money box as an early pressie…nice.

Now all our Christmas decorations are up, I am getting into the festive season and am looking forward to the next couple of weeks, which are jam-packed with play dates and parties…am loving Christmas 2009!


2 responses to “Love It/Hate It

  1. 2010 seems like next year!!!

  2. I know – it seems like ages away, but New Years will be upon us before we know it….although for some reason I keep thinking today is the 17th and panic sets in, then I check the calendar and realise it is only the 14th! Doh!

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