Christmas Decs

Yay, Little Miss has finally given me 20mins peace, so that I can quickly upload all my Christmas Decorations for you all to have a squiz at….

We havent gone overboard this year, and as we might be on the other side of the world for next Crimbo we havent splashed out on any new decorations, as I am sooo not paying for them to be shipped all the way to NZ, I’d rather just buy from scratch once we are over there!

Please note my fantastic new windows, but as you can see the frame needs to be painted!  This Christmas tree is one of those artifical ones which has twinkly colour changing spray stems shooting out from it, we bought it on the cheap years ago and it is still going strong.

This is my poinsetta that I bought for Christmas 2008 and at the beginning of 2009 I decided I would try to nurture it through to another year.  Alas, with all the recent decorating, I forgot to water it for about 3 weeks…whoops…so it has refused to turn red….fair play really….but that didnt stop me from making it festive with glass beads and I think it has turned out quite well *pats on back*

The Hubster put these up in Little Miss’ new playroom…they make it look so magical and as you can see Santa has a prime position to check whether Little Miss is being naughty or nice!

This also features in the playroom, as Little Miss didnt really get the concept of the advent stocking I bought her from M& instead I let her open all the cards we receive and put them in this heart shaped card holder – she loves it, especially if the card has a picture of Santa on it….then that card gets a whopping great big mwah kiss!  Bless!


5 responses to “Christmas Decs

  1. Blimey – where’s my head?? I also meant to say:

    Check out Violet Posy who is hosting the Christmas Decoration Tour Carnival

    There are some awesomely festive trees featured there 🙂

  2. I love how you have decorated the bottom of the tree

  3. Loving the Christmas decs, very sensible with Little Miss!! Hey and your new windows are lovely 🙂

  4. Aww jeez – thanks guys 🙂

  5. Awww, pretty and the tree looks fabulous against those GORGEOUS windows 🙂

    Love the ‘card’ idea instead of the Advent calendar for your young lass.

    And well done on the poinsettia – I also have mine still going – with only one red leaf – the rest are green – I’ve never managed to get them to turn red fully again, so end up buying a new one each year – I so love them.

    Have a fabulous Christmas x

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