Happy New Year!

Ok, I know we are now 4 days into 2010, but today is the first day I have had some energy after bringing in the new year with a wretched tummy bug….but I’m not going to let that get me down, no Sir-e!

2010 is where it is at!  Well, for the Suki-Lou household anyway, the countdown for our move to NZ has officially started and we are approximately T-361 days to ‘leaving on a jetplane‘.  Anyway, mustnt get ahead of myself as there are a mountain of forms that require filling in and lots of research to do, but needless to say:  I. Am. Very. Excited!

I cant believe I managed to stay away from my blog for so long, but it was good to have a vacation from the laptop and have some downtime with the family.  Although I couldnt stop myself from keeping up to date with the blogs I follow, and am glad to hear (read?) that everyone had an excellent Christmas & New Year 🙂

We had a lovely break, spending alot of it just hanging with Hubster, Little Miss and Black Dog – after having so many people in the house redecorating, fixing plumbing, installing windows etc, it was nice to have our house back to ourselves, even if it was only for a few weeks – it will all start up again in the next couple of days *sighs*

Our big Christmas accomplishment was our Gingerbread House, which was made from scratch and was our first attempt. Now we have confidence in making such an amazing (& edible) table decoration, we have grandiose ideas for the next one!

I was seriously gutted to have to cut short my visit to my old office’s Christmas do, everyone was so welcoming and friendly – it was like the old days!   But duty called after the Hubster got stuck in the snow & ice and Little Miss needed rescuing from nursery!  If any of my ex-colleagues are reading this 😉 I look forward to catching up with you all next time 🙂

We made sure that we saw most of the family over Christmas (it could be our last UK one for a long time coming!), Little Miss enjoyed spending time with the grandparents and all of her extended family.  We even managed to video Skype to her uncle and cousin in America!

Ah – Skype – so easy to stay connected, we shall definitely be using it more & more now to keep in touch with people.   It has come on in leaps and bounds since it first came out where every conversation was so laggy, no one could be bothered with it.  But our recent experience with it was fantastic, it was like Uncle & Couz were only down the road – I was very impressed!

Well this was meant to be a short-but-sweet post and somehow I have managed to prattle on & on…..I intend to update my blog more regularly this year and not treat it like a chore – as once I sit down, ignore the housework & actually start typing, I remember how much I enjoy sharing my thoughts with y’all.


3 responses to “Twenty-Ten

  1. Happy new year to you and yours too and I am glad that you are feeling better

  2. I love this, I too have discovered Skype and it is great to keep in touch with my son who is in Iraq for a few more months. I just dont think I could handle it if I could not see that he was safe.
    I love your gingerbread house and know they can be a challenge but fun at the same time.
    New Zealand? how truly exciting that sounds. Please be sure to post some pictures

  3. To: The Mad House – Happy New Year! I loved reading all your Xmas craft posts, very inspiring 🙂

    To: Not A Soccer Mom – Happy New Year! Its great you are able to keep in touch with your son in Iraq, it must be so hard not having him around – thank the heavens for the wonder of Skype!

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