Backup before a breakdown…

Advance apologies for the excessive ‘…’ but this post required alot of them!

Is it Friday today? I wouldnt know…my life has turned topsy turvey…

Two weeks ago, I stupidly left my phone in my bag…

Stupid? No, quite normal really, but when you also add a self claiming ‘magic’ bottle filled with orange squash into the mix, well I think you can guess what happened next…yes, excessive leaking…I was outraged – what weak marketing ploy had I fallen for this time??  I actually believed a drink bottle had magical powers preventing leaks???  What a mug, they must have been laughing all the way to the bank!

This was clearly all the bottle’s fault!  My beloved phone died because of that bottle and I was not going to let it lie…I scanned the instructions to ensure I was armed to the back teeth and could be self righteous when making my complaint but, to my shame, I quickly realised that it was MY fault…I had put the valve on the spout wrong, thus drowning my phone in a sticky orangey mess…*shakes head*….what a way to go…

and if you havent picked up on my distraught in the any of the above, let me make it clear: My LIFE was on that phone…contact numbers, calendar, notes, photos, music, everything!  I feel like I have lost a member of the family…

Although, after I had calmed down (and stopped sobbing) I realised it wasnt all bad – all my music is already on the computer and I always back up my photos (I only really bother taking snaps of Little Miss & would hate to lose any of those!) but crucially I never bothered to update my contact numbers, notes or arghh – my calendar!  It would have been so easy too – just a simple tick of a box and the computer would have done it all for me!  What a dingbat!

I have missed appointments and double booked myself all over the shop, and there is nowt I can do about it as I havent a scooby on what I have pre-planned for the up and coming months…

Hopefully my replacement phone (yes – it was covered by the insurance) will be winging its way to me in the next couple of weeks – then I can get back to my normal semi-organised life….and this time I will back up more regularly!

Unfortunately, that isnt the end….it looks like my bad tech luck continued with my laptop deciding to take early retirement, though this came as no big surprise as it moaned and groaned everytime I opened a new webpage or application – Hubster has kindly lent me his lovely shiny one for the time being & I can only hope it will become a permanent lend *fingers crossed*

and as these things tend to go in 3’s, the final part of my bad tech luck went to Violet Posy (sorry!!), who commiserated with me when I emailed for sympathy at my phone loss…but then suffered with phone problems herself, you can read her phone story here

I suppose the tale of this story is backup!  and backup your backup!!  Living in a techie age is fab, but at the end of the day things still break, so dont suffer your loss like I did….you’ll kick yourself!  I suppose there is always the alternative:  paper diary, address book etc – but where’s the fun in that?


3 responses to “Backup before a breakdown…

  1. Oh no not your laptop too!! Still your Hubs is a nice one – he’ll never miss it 😉 bloody tech eh?? I’m spending the weekend backing up my laptop, have learnt my lesson x

  2. agh, what a nightmare, i don’t know what i’d do if that happened. well, apart from sit in the corner and weep that is.

  3. @ Liz – tee hee hee…am sure he wont miss it 😉

    @ Heather – I feel like I’m not connected to the world – I cant believe how lost I am without it….sad really!

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