Always take the time to read

It feels like ages since I last posted anything…what with trying to sort out a replacement phone, investigating NZ visas and fretting about money – it just doesnt stop!  Little Miss and I have a busy routine during the week, which is great but has left me with less time for posting, although I always make sure I have time to read all my favourite blogs – here are just a few of them:

Congratulations to:

The lovely Chez Lee and their new baby girl….she is gorgeous!

Am loving:

The handbag meme, started by Babyrambles, which has been doing the rounds (and introduced me to some great new blogs) – It isnt something I have bothered to do myself as the contents of my handbag is pretty dull:

  • A nappy for Little Miss
  • Small pack of wipes
  • Emergency box of raisins
  • Purse
  • Phone
  • Polos…and that is it!  I like to travel light!

Have been inspired by:

The vlog updates from mydaddycooks, which has given me the confidence to start cooking with Little Miss & as a result she loves it!  We now make breakfast, lunch and dinner together every day  and I am hoping it will encourage her to start trying new foods!

Am jealous of:

Metropolitan Mum who is busy sipping lushious Banana & Mango Margaritas in the Caribbean at the moment and yes, I am totally jealous!!!

I couldnt say it better myself:

Notes from Lapland hit the nail on the head with her best post about Word Verification…I totally agree with her, there are lots of posts I would comment on but dont because of the added hassle, there’s just not enough time in the day!

Good luck to:

GreatFun4Kids who is on a mission to get fit and no, I dont think your bum looks big in this 😉

and last but not least, good luck to:

Violet Posy’s hubby who is running 3 miles for Sport Relief!


7 responses to “Always take the time to read

  1. Great round up there mmm Banana & Mango Margaritas sound good! And thanks for the shout out for Paul x

  2. ooh, a few things i’ve missed there. thanks for included me and hope all the visa stuff goes well.

    • Thanks – we are definitely working on sorting those visas!! BTW loved your vlog on pancake flipping 🙂

  3. Thanks Suki-Lou! xx MM

    PS: Without the clickcha I’d be drowned in spam. 250 spam comments in one night. And you have to delete them all one by one…

  4. I’ve been stopping by to read your posts too, but sorry not to have commented much – am often with one hand holding baby!

    • Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Think you are doing a great job what with keeping up with your girls and updating us all on your blog – well done!

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