Dark Clouds

There seems to be a big dark cloud over some of Mummy Bloggers at the mo and even though I havent a scooby what it is all about, I think it is craziness.

Everybody blogs for different reasons and that is what is so great about it – connecting people all over the world who share common interests – no rights and no wrongs.

Daddy Bloggers have the right attitude where they just enjoy it and Mummy Bloggers should take a leaf out of their book & just enjoy the Blogging world too…life is for living!


8 responses to “Dark Clouds

  1. I have missed it all again. It just goes straight over my head!!

    • Same as that – have just picked up on some bad vibes out & feel bad for those who arent having fun 😦

      • Me too. I just don’t seem to hang in the circles that are hassling. Probably a good thing, I’ve got enough of my own insecurities to keep me awake at night as it is!

  2. Family affairs

    I completely agree with u – I am really trying hard not to get sucked in to something that is trying to make blogging stressful! so not what it’s meant to be about lx

    • It is easy to get stressed out by blogging, I used to feel the pressure of trying to post on a regular basis, get my hits up etc…but then I stopped and realised it isnt what I wanted out of it and now I just enjoy it

  3. No like; no do

    I try to take the cup’s half full philosophy, which works 80% of the time – but then I’m only two week’s in to sleep deprivation with a newborn and the dark cloud may try and push the percentage to the other end of the scale as time moves on – all I can say is thank goodness New Zealand serves up GREAT coffee !

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