Short but Sweet – Sunday

The Hubster has gone snowboarding for a week….lucky bugger….it is an annual holiday we used to take together until I fell preggers, then for obvious reasons I couldnt go.

This year we debated on doing our first snowboarding trip away as a family, but in the end I felt uncomfortable leaving Little Miss in a creche every morning for a week, which disappointed Hubster no end.  So, as a Christmas present to him, I agreed he could go to the slopes with a mate and snowboard his heart out, especially as it will (hopefully) be our last snowboarding opportunity in Europe for sometime, as we aim to be in NZ this time next year and fresh off the plane, I am sure we will be up to our eyes in new house/job etc, so a 2011 snowboarding trip will be out of the question

Result is, I am looking after Little Miss for the next 7 days….dont get me wrong, this isnt far from how it normally rolls in the Suki-Lou house, but I am very used to handing over at witching hour bath&bed time every night to the Hubster, and obviously at the weekend, I get a bit of a break too.  For the record, I am not complaining about any of this, I just know it will be a loooong week.

Evenings are going to be dull, as I shall only have the telly (shi* all on) and the laptop to keep me company, so I thought I would write a little ‘Short But Sweet’ post every night after Little Miss has gone to bed to keep me sane…

So here is today’s installment:

Sunday, 28 February 2010

  • Start to day: LM* woke later than usual – a bonus lie-in for me
  • No. of LM tantrums: Lost count, although today’s major meltdown is still echoing in my head.
  • No. of Mumma Cant Cope moments: None, managed to keep my cool**, though did refer to The BW Book for help.
  • Today’s highlight: LM being very well behaved at garden centre today, putting toys that caught her eye back on the shelf with no fuss.
  • Today’s lowlight: LM refusing anything but a mere morsel at breakfast, lunch & dinner.
  • End of the day: A long day full of LM tears & snot, am feeling exhaustipated.
  • Evening telly viewing: SATC – The Movie
  • Sleeps till Hubster returns: 7

*Little Miss

**Muma’s Tantrum Mantra: breathe in screaming, breathe out calm, breathe in screaming, breathe out calm


4 responses to “Short but Sweet – Sunday

  1. poor you! My hubbie and I used to enjoy the snow sports too… in the ‘BC’ – before children days. It’s tough doing the parenting lark on your own and I’m willing the week to pass quickly for you. Hope the tantrums are few and short-lived – they do go away eventually – though my eldest daughter was a champ at them. I used to find scrubbing the bathroom or putting the hoover round whilst my daughter let rip would help keep my nerves calm! Hubbie would come home, see the spotless house and say, ‘Had a tantrum today then?!’

    Thankfully, my second child never threw a tantrum – but she isn’t quiet for more than a minute all day – Little Miss Chatter Box!

    Good luck and I’ll be ‘here’ for you!

    • Aww thanks 🙂 fingers crossed the week passes quickly…I love the scrubbing the house clean method of dealing with tantrums – I shall definitely try that one out!!

  2. I totally feel for you, the days are very long when its just you and little one. Its hard knowing that your other half is off having fun on the slopes too, when you are like Cinderella at home.

    I think you husband needs to come back with a huge present from the airport including Toblerone. Also, treat yourself everyday, you deserve it.

    • Thanks Emily 🙂 I think Hubster shall definitely be laden with presents this time, as last year when he went snowboarding he bought back a pressie for LM, but I got zilch!!! Let’s just say he will never, ever, make that mistake again!!!

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