Short but Sweet – Monday

I have no idea why I entitled this little batch of posts Short but Sweet – yes they are short, but sweet they are not….yesterday was a  tantrum filled day with tears & snot, today has been all about projectile vomiting…

  • No. of LM tantrums: 3 – not bad considering yesterday’s efforts – going up and down the stairs is our current battle.
  • Today’s Highlight: watching LM* getting brave at soft play and going down the bigger slides all on her own.
  • Today’s Lowlight: the puke of course!
  • Suki-Lou’s Final Thoughts:  a good start, horrible middle but an ok finish to today – LM ate loads for dinner & was doing entertaining gangster impressions!
  • Evening telly viewing: tonight I shall mostly be watching MTV!  I love it!

* – Little Miss


4 responses to “Short but Sweet – Monday

  1. Why’s she so pukey? My LO is too, but I’m believing its teething related. this too shall pass!

    • No idea!! Maybe it was her raisin & apple snack? Or from the soft play area? I am clueless! Just glad she was better when she woke up from her nap….Hope your little one feels better soon too 🙂

  2. We are battling tantrums by mini at the mo, hard work

    • tell me about it – where are these toddlers getting their ‘How to Wind Up Your Folks’ instruction manuals? I will take the publishers down!

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