Short but Sweet – Tuesday

Can I just use this opportunity to say:  Wow!  What a beautiful day today, sunshine & everything!!  Hooray for Spring 🙂  (it will probably pi55 down tom)

  • No. of LM* Tantrums – 5 I think, she is so playing me at the moment.  Today’s crisis’ have been about the stairs and food.
  • Highlight of the day – a pretty average day made all the better by the sunshine & seeing a woodpecker!
  • Funny of the day – LM working hard to convince me that an apricot is actually an apple.
  • Mumma Fail – staying up watching Working Girl till near midnight & thus feeling tired all day today…early night for me tonight

Roll on Hump Day!

*Little Miss


3 responses to “Short but Sweet – Tuesday

  1. oh yeay, sunshine! i’m so jealous!

  2. I know the sunshine. I have hung my washing out for the second day in a row – yippee

    • Sunshine makes everything seem so much better! Am so hoping for a hot summer this year *crosses fingers*

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