Short but Sweet – Wednesday

LM spent today at nursery and so I had the whole day to myself – yippee!!  I think it was well deserved this week after 3 continuous days of tantrums, we both needed a bit of space.  Once the obligatory food shop and housework was done, I decided some well earned retail therapy was in order ,so headed off to the shops:

  • Items purchased: a very necessary pair of jeans, a pink & grey striped hoodie, pants & socks (ooh, how glam am I?), a few cute tops for LM and some new friends:

Suki-Lou's New Friends

  • I marveled at: how much easier/quicker it is to browse the aisles without a pushchair!
  • Realised: red raw eyes (aka conjunctivitis) and a red hoody is not a good look….passers-by must have thought I had been crying all day and night – they kept a wide berth from the wild eyed woman that is I.
  • Caught up on: google reader – loving all the blogs out there
  • Teatime with LM was: successful, we enjoyed crumpets loaded with butter and then LM surprised me by trying a blueberry (yeah -she spat it out, but gold star for trying it!)  BTW my daughter hates any sort of fruit unless it comes in the form of an Ella.
  • Discovered: 6music (hopefully not too late?) – it is a nice change from Q Radio.
  • Tonight I shall be: painting my nails whilst watching a chick flick – how girly can you get?

2 responses to “Short but Sweet – Wednesday

  1. Sounds like a fabulous day, nice friends

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