Short but Sweet – Thursday

LM is perfecting her temper tantrum techniques – today she managed to wedge herself under the sofa whilst rolling around the floor in a fit of rage….it was so funny terrible that I had to get the camera out to capture it in all its glory, I wont post it here though, no, no, I shall wait for her wedding day to seek my revenge…ha ha ha…

  • No of LM tantrums: x3 Pulling a Kayne* style, x2 of the Helicopter** variety and x1 major public Meltdown.
  • Today’s Highlight: Receiving a huge bunch of gorgeous flowers from the Hubster today – a fab surprise that totally cheered me up.
  • Fed up of: coughing like a 40-a-day smoker (those were the days)…going to pay a visit to the quack’s as am sick of being sick – give me some meds Doc!
  • Surprise email: of the Hubster doing a snowboarding jump, although recording had to be cut short as he got tangled up with a skier….doh!

* Pulling a Kayne – 1. To whine and complain in a Narcissistic manner 2. To throw a fit every time you lose/dont get your own way 3. To have a temper tantrum every time you are not the center of attention. Thank you Urban Dictionary.

** The Helicopter – Term used to describe a full-blown temper tantrum, characterized by throwing onesself onto the floor and violently flailing their limbs, kicking and screaming. Thank you Urban Dictionary.


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