Short but Sweet – Friday

Yay! Its nearly the weekend!

Actually I love Fridays, my favourite day of the week!

This post is gonna be super short as the girls are coming round tonight & I need to finish tiding this hovel house:

  • Low of the day: LM screaming like a banshee as soon as we got to nursery – how to guilt Mumma or what??  (apparently she was fine after I left – what a player)
  • Highlight of the day: am sooo looking forward to the girls coming round tonight for pizza, wine & gossip!
  • No. of LM tantrums: 2 – have implemented a ‘chill out’ zone (aka naughty step), so watch this space for the tantrum taming results *fingers crossed*
  • Surprise of the day: went to the Docs about this vile cough that has been hanging around for a couple of months, and was told I might have asthma!!  WTF???  Hoping the antibiotics I was prescribed will kill the cold and I shall return to my normal healthy self with no evil asthma….

Hoping y’all have a fabby weekend 🙂


3 responses to “Short but Sweet – Friday

  1. Bless her! Have a lovely chilled out night. Btw love your new friends – I want the cream ones x

  2. Forgot to add due to child distraction! Hope it’s not asthma, hubby and I have both been given sprays in case over the years and it’s never turned into anything nastier. It just goes in the end x

    • Thanks Liz….have been reading up on asthma and am sure its only this stinking cold….cant wait for the antibiotics to start kicking its ass!

      My new friends are sooo lovely (I used to have the white leather ones, which although looked good, stretched around the heel so lost their appeal)…these ones are fabric so should last a bit longer…I was very tempted by some Vans slip-ons, but not sure if I am too old for them? A shoe purchase I am considering for the time being!

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