Short but Sweet – The Last One

My super loooooooong week is finally over, the Hubster returns this arvo and I cannot wait!

Yesterday was a good day with no tantrums (yes you read right, thats a zero on the tantrum front), but then after dinner, LM’s temperature rocketed and the evening whizzed by quicker-than-a-quick thing and so my Short but Sweet – Saturday post never happened.

I just want to say thank you to those who left me comments on my previous posts and helped keep my spirits up this week :)) I really appreciated it.

If you are going through that temper tantrum stage with your little one too, here are some techniques that are working for us – well for the moment anyway!

Setting up 2 ‘Chill Out’ zones (one upstairs, one downstairs) – a place for LM to go to when she kicks off & loses it – no time limit in this zone, just a place to cry it out and calm down.

The main battles we have been having this week are:

  • going up and down the stairs
  • mealtimes
  • nappy change

So we worked out some comprises:

Stairs – instead of carrying her (and breaking my back), we climb the stairs together with me holding her hands and making a game counting the steps as we go.

Mealtimes – I stopped making such a fuss about her eating (mantra: she will eat when she is hungry*), the only thing I stipulate is that she tries the food before rejecting it (and I go mad with praise after she tries a mouthful), then act all cool if she decides she does like it after all and eats the lot up (although secretly I am doing a celebration dance in my head).

Nappy Change – I got this idea from a BabyCentre forum whereby LM gets a sticker once she sits on the changing mat, then she is so occupied with it that I can quickly get on with changing her nappy and its over before she knows it!

Normal service will resume next week with my regularly sporadic posts about random crap!

*guidance books advised keeping a food diary for a couple of weeks to ensure that your toddler is getting enough nutrition throughout the day.  If you have any concerns at all, you should go and see your health visitor.


One response to “Short but Sweet – The Last One

  1. Yah! You survived! Congratulations and phewie! Love your tips re. the tantrums. I’m hoping and praying my little Alice isn’t as crazy as Charli was and follows in her ‘middle’ sister’s more easy going style. Having said that, Charli has grown into a beautiful young girl, who is sensitive, caring, artistic and knows her own mind (she was just one hell of a handful at 2!).

    Hope you have a great week and enjoy having the cavalry home for the evenings! 🙂

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