Spring Forward…Fall Back

Suki’s baaackk…

Just in case you were wondering where the hell I had gone, I decided to give myself some time off from both blogging & tweeting to step back, regroup my thoughts and get a fresh look at things.

In real life, we have been busy bees sorting out finances & paperwork for our NZ move – I cant believe it is nearly April, I know this year is just going to whizz by!  I am trying very hard to maintain a laid back attitude and not  to get too over excited about our plans, as I realised it was all I was talking about – how very boring for everyone else!  My sister has just moved to New York City and I am so jealous, she has a gorgeous apartment and is absolutely loving it – although I am also very happy for her, as I can tell she has found ‘home’ 🙂 hopefully we will swing by on our way to NZ to hang out with her.

This weekend should be a good’un though:

At 8.30pm on Saturday, WWF are hosting Earth Hour.  The aim is to get a billion people around the world to turn their lights off for 1 hour to show they care about climate change.  We have friends over for dinner on Saturday night, bizarrely they were visiting last year during Earth Hour, so hopefully they wont mind eating by candlelight again!

Then on Sunday it will be time to put the clocks forward an hour & British Summer Time will officially begin!!  Hooray!!!  It is about bloody time, I am sick to death of the cold and the rain – looking forward to picnics in the park, hanging out in the garden and generally just soaking up the sunshine!

Speaking of which, it is time to get out & sort the garden…luckily not too much work has to be done as it survived the winter fairly well – not quite sure how that happened, as I am not a naturally green fingered person!  Little Miss will be old enough to properly enjoy the garden this year and I have plans to get her a little gardening set to play with – she can be in charge of watering all the patio plants!

Have been looking into outdoor toys for her as well, I am surprised how expensive they all are and as I have no plans to ship said toy over to NZ, I am looking for a bargain!  Let me know if you see anything on the cheap!


2 responses to “Spring Forward…Fall Back

  1. I’m jealous of you both NYC and NZ – just fabulous! Great idea for celebrating Earth Hour you have inspired us to join in too. Have a great dinner party 🙂

  2. Yay – thanks for joining in with Earth Hour…it doesnt cost a penny & is only for an hour…the more people who do it, the more impact it makes!!

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