Its been a while

Wow, it really has been a while since my last post!  Whoops!

Suki Lou’s Thoughts

Back in April I sat myself down and thought long and hard about what I wanted out of Twitter, Facebook & blogging and it became clear:  I want to stay in touch with my friends and family, especially when we move out to NZ and in the meantime, I want to meet up with said folk in real life and have lots of fun, instead of spending my days glued to my computer.

This all came about when I realised I was beginning to resent Twitter and so I knew it was time to stop.  Now I know lots and lots of people love Twitter and so I must say: This Is Not A Rant Against Twitter!  Its just not for me.  I persevered with Twitter for a long time, but it never really gelled, although I did meet some lovely people through Twitter, and hope to stay in touch through the wonders of blogging.

After this revelation, I did a bit of culling on Facebook as well – you know, the people you went to school with, or once worked with or even worse a friend of a friend who you met a couple of times down the pub…these people no longer appear on my friend list and and now I can happily update my status knowing only true friends shall be reading about what I am getting up to!

All of this has resulted in a much more active social life for me and Little Miss, to the point where I can barely find the time to sit down and compose a post for this blog, let alone keep up to date with everyone elses…and I wont lie…I LOVE it!

Meanwhile, I have mostly been…

…busy baking some fantastic cupcakes (my best yet) from this brilliant recipe from Make it Bake It, although I leave out the Neapolitan bit and just have scrummy vanilla flavoured cupcakes – I now only have to perfect making it look great with butter icing.  Anybody know of a good cupcake decorating website?

…hosting a pizza party with friends – whereby we made the pizza dough from scratch, then took it in turns to shape out a pizza each and cover with  fantastic toppings for everyone to share.  We started at 6pm and didnt finish until about 9pm when we just couldnt eat another slice!

…visiting Wing Yip as I have heard so much great stuff about it.  It was awesome, we stopped off for lunch in one of the restaurants and had an amazing chinese lunch of dumplings, dim sum and crispy duck (which LM devoured BTW).  Afterwards we went for a stroll around the supermarket which was a real eye opener.  I wish I knew more about chinese cooking as there were some great ingredients to be had there, I just dont know how to use them!

…spending lots of time at our local park now that Winter is a distant memory….LM and I have been partaking in the odd picnic now and then.  We are also a regular at the duck pond as LM loves to count the cute little baby ducklings!

LM Update

Speaking of which, Little Miss is really into her talking now (she even wowed me with a 2 word sentence yesterday!) and life is noticeably easier now that we can communicate with each other.  A while back I was concerned that LM might be suffering from depression, but after some great advice from my health visitor, I realised I was pushing LM too much to catch up with her peers (who are about 6 months older) and that giving her time and lots of cuddles she would come into her own and she certain has!  LM was a very chilled out baby, and was quite content just to sit and watch – now she is jumping, running, climbing and chat-chat-chatting all day long.    LM is also really into her letters and colours, her favourite toys being the fridge magnet letters and a bag full of different coloured ribbons – she is such a smart little cookie, she amazes me every day and I am such a proud Mummy.

LM has also proved to me in 2 ways that she was no longer a baby and now a little girl:

a) she has outgrown her baby blanket – it barely covers her anymore…I nearly cried when I realised that this blanket she had from birth is no longer needed.  I shall keep it in my keepsake box though to help me remember when she was a wee one.

b) LM no longer calls me Mumma, I am now known as Mummeeee.  This was a shocker to me, as I have always referred to myself as Mumma, but clearly LM disagrees!

NZ Update

I am not sure if I have been organised enough to keep you all updated on our NZ move, so if I bore you by repeating myself – sorry!

We have now hired a visa specialist to help us with the hurdle of getting the Hubster’s family visa, but so far hasnt done much except point us in the right direction!  I have been busy sorting LM’s passports (both UK & NZ) as well as obtaining her NZ citizenship and I am over the moon to be able to say that as of today they have been sorted.  Now it is time to complete police certificates for both me & the Hubster (to prove we arent hardened criminals!!!) and the Hubster needs to arrange his medical certificate.  After that, we shall be getting the Visa Dude to start the visa application process for us!  How very exciting!!

Although it does feel like our lives are on hold at the moment, instead of hanging around waiting to go, we have been busy preparing ourselves financially, ensuring all the boring stuff like pensions, savings etc are in the right place for us.   And as you know we recently had some work done to the house to make it more ‘rentable’, so the Hubster has been tasked with the unenviable duty of getting the garden up to scratch too.  Luckily it isnt a massive job, as its not a massive garden!

I think reality is beginning to kick in for friends and family who thought NZ was only a pipe dream for us, and now realise that we are dead set on making our move out there.  Most are interested to hear about how are plans are going and although are sad to see us go are happy for us, others though are still very quiet about the subject.  It is a toughie for both us and them.


I keep thinking up great topics to blog about, but whenever I get a chance to sit down for 5 mins, I have normally forgotten about it – apologies that it has been so long between posts and that this one reads a bit like a bulletin, but there was so much I wanted to say I didnt want to scare you off with a big essay to read!   Next one will be shorter – promise 😉

Sayōnara for now folks. x


6 responses to “Its been a while

  1. I have to agree with you about Twitter and facebook. They tend to take over with just the trivial’s..
    Glad to hear about your sorting things out.
    What an adventure to be moving so far and to a land I myself would love to see some day.
    I also know what you mean about being too busy to blog, thinking of topics then forgetting by the time you get ready to post.
    Cant wait to come along with you on this journey

    • It is an adventure moving to NZ….sometimes it is super scary, other times incredibly exciting…I shall definitely be blogging our progress in the NZ Project!! NZ is so beautiful & everyone there seems much more chilled out, not like here in grotty old Blighty! You must try to get out there one day 🙂

  2. Yep I have given up on Twitter too. It drives me bonkers! Good on you for getting on with real life and just blogging when you can. Good luck with the move to Nz. My best friend emigrated there about 8 years ago and she adores it. Mich x

    • Twitter was making me radio rental!! Too much pressure to be funny/interesting all the time – life is much better now Twitter is out of it!

      So many people are making the big move to NZ or Australia….have you been out there to visit your friend?

  3. Isn’t spring wonderful, I must admit I’ve been blogging less and getting out and about more which is great. I sometimes think that blogging is more of a winter thing 🙂

    And how cool is it that LM is talking?? I can’t wait to see how much she’s changed again – give her a cuddle from me!

    So pleased to hear your great news about NZ, you know how much we’ll miss you but we know it’s the right move for you guys x

    • I agree – frequent blogging is more a winter activity than a summer one! I dont want to miss out on any of that sunshine!

      You wait till you see LM – she has changed so much it will blow your mind!

      Thanks for your support with our NZ move :)) it really means alot :))

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