Well it’s been another couple of weeks and a fair bit has been going on:

:: I turned an omnious 31 and so that’s it, I am now definitely a thirty-something and no longer in my twenties *sighs* I drowned my sorrows with a few beers with mates in the local pub the Saturday before and then on the actual day Hubster took me out for a fabulous lunch, which was delish.  I also did well on the present front, MIL (whose birthday is only a few days before mine) and I decided to save on postage expenses and buy our own present from each other (if that makes sense?!). I was going to buy a Fiona Gibson novel, but Waterstones were doing a buy 2, get one free deal & there was a Handle with Care by Jodi Picoult on the stand which I hadn’t yet read, so I got myself that instead.  Suki-Lou fact: I love Jodi Picoult, though Hubster raises a good point, how does she churn them out so quickly? Typing monkeys complete with cigars is our conclusion – but feel free to post your answers in the comments box below 😉 .  The two other books I got were The Catcher in the Rye by J D Salinger (one of those classics that is a must read) and One Day by David Nicholls, which was actually a surprisingly excellent book, I got so absored I finished it before the week was out and blubbed like a baby at the end.  This book is a keeper!

:: Little Miss and I have started this term’s TumbleTots and Sing & Sign, which is great as we now have our solid routine back, though I think I did a pretty good job filling the weeks where we had no scheduled activities (it is so much easier to do stuff when it is nice outside), with picnics, trips to local playgrounds & farms, meeting up with peeps and even the odd lunch out.  Shall keep squeezing these in, as they were so much fun and I want to enjoy as much of that sunshine as I can.  You never know, I might actually get some sort of a resemblance to a tan this year!

:: I also spent a day in the garden, not sunning mysel though mind, I was working hard, pulling up weeds, tearing down a wallful of unwanted ivy, mowing our ickle lawn, strimming the edges ( until the damn thing broke)  and tidying up all the bits hubster can’t be bothered to do.. It was exhausting but totally worth it.  Now we can enjoy the garden without feeling like we really should be getting on with chores.  Looking out of our bathroom window, I can see how all out hard work has paid off, our garden looks so much bigger than our neihbours (even hhough they are the same size) as we have tricked the eye with gardening design techniques. Hee hee thank you ….. The only thing left is to sort the shed out *gulp* it is really bad in there, infact the shed is known as The Shed of Doom.  I reckon it will take a day to sort it all out and that means lots of trips to the tip.  I would be lying if I said I was looking forward to it, though in a Monica Geller way, I do enjoy organising stuff…sad, I know!

I wish my shed looked like this! That would be awesome!

:: We took a day trip down to our nearest dog friendly beach, Climping, on Sunday.  Black Dog was so excited, it has been ages since we last went down there.  Initially it was great, even though it was windy and a bit rainy, but it warmed up after a while and we collected interesting stones and shells to take home for LM to play with in her new sandtray.  Little Miss soon lost interest though and did not seem to be enjoying our trip so much, so we decided to cut it short & have our picnic in the car (the rain came back) before heading home.  All was well, we had parked by the entrance to the marina so we could watch the boats sailing in & out whilst munching on our sandwiches.  Little Miss had chilled out and so I suggested that Hubster went to go and get the icecreams (can’t go to the beach without having an icecream!).  what a mistake-a to make-a, no sooner had he gone, then bleugh, Little Miss threw up all over herself, me, the inside of our car.  I will spare you the details, but let’s just say there was lots of it and did you know cars have lots of little hideyholes for liquid substances to run into? What a design flaw!  Turns out it wasn’t the beach that was upsetting Little Miss, it was the onset of hand, foot & mouth – a gift from nursery I suspect.  A week later, poor LM is still suffering with bad mouth ulcers, although is sleeping lots which I think is the best way to fight off such nasties.  I imagine we will be back on track next week.

:: Hubster has now had his medical which cost a pretty penny, but is required in order to pass NZ immigration.  It is a bit scary as it covers everything (NZ don’t want folks coming in on visas and start depending on the state’s health service) so ‘aliens’ have to be fit & sound.  Hopefully everything will come back a-ok and we can then apply for that visa!  Talking of NZ, LM’s first babysitter recently moved out there and has just had a baby girl – well done R&J! Am looking forward to catching up with them (& meeting their little bundle of joy) when we get out there.

:: BTW have you seen the Hyperbole and a Half blog…it is too funny!

:: Well I’d better stop rambling on, I have a date with my girlfriends to do a wine tour at Vinopolious this arvo (how very sophisticated!) – I think I am looking forward to the Bombay Sapphire gin cocktail taster the most though TBH!

Sayōnara folks


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  1. where’d nice am jealous 😉 would you rent me ad space for monthly fee ?

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