Summer Holidays

It has been so long since I last wrote, I dont know where to begin….and I am so out of sync of writing, I have just spent 10mins trying to write about my apprehension of the Summer Holidays and just couldnt find the right words.  In times like these, I turn to bullet points!

  • Summer Holidays 2009 = No toddler groups/classes and newly made friends going AWOL until the new terms begins
  • Summer Holidays 2009 = Long boring days / Little Miss just a little bit too young to enjoy any of activities put on
  • Summer Holidays 2009 = Suki-Lou hasnt an igloo and isnt prepared at all!


  • Summer Holidays 2010 = No toddler groups/classes but now have a crowd of SAHMs to hang out with
  • Summer Holidays 2010 = Little Miss old enough to enjoy all sorts of new things.  Every day is a new adventure.
  • Summer Holidays 2010 = Suki-Lou is more clued up this year and has been busy storing up ideas of things to do!

July is always a busy month for the Suki-Lou tribe, it holds many special days:

Eight years ago, my Dad passed away and I still cant quite believe it.  He is still in my thoughts everyday and my only wish is that he could have met Little Miss, he would have been blown away.

Two years ago, Little Miss was born and we celebrate her birthday for about a week!  This year we held a proper little girls birthday party in our garden, the theme being balloons.

Suki-Lou's garden transformed into a party zone

Complete with a chill out tent

I made a balloon wreath (idea from How Does She?), managed to find balloon themed party invites and party bags and of course, lots of helium balloons!

My very own balloon wreath!

As there were 7 children of varying ages at the party, I decided to set up a craft activity, and so bought cardboard crowns and plenty of decorating materials for the kids to make their own regal headwear!  It went down like a storm and was suitable for both the boys and the girls!   Last year, I nearly killed myself trying to make a fab birthday cake, but have now realised my talent is in cupcakes.  As Little Miss doesnt ‘do’ icing, I made these sweet little milk cupcakes with sprinkles baked into the top (for colour) which were a big hit – people were sneaking them from the kitchen before I could get them on the table!  Although I did make a chocolate button cake on the actual day for us to enjoy!

Sweet little milk cupcakes

Chocolate Button Cake

We have also enjoyed spending time with our friends and family during the months of July and August:

At the beginning of July, we went for a day out at Legoland with the lovely Violet Posy and her family and we all had a great time.  Violet Posy wrote a great Tips and Tricks post about Legoland which, if you are planning on going, I recommend reading: I would add the following:

Agreeing with VP about the food, it isnt great, but instead of lugging round your picnic, leave your cooler bag in the car – then pop out to get it when you decide to stop for lunch.  You are allowed to come in and out of the park as long as you get your hand stamped.  I would picnic (either an early lunch or a late lunch to avoid the rush) by Mini Land where there is a big grassy area, ideal for just hanging out – great for checking out the lego models scenes of Europe and USA and also fab for people watching.

On the last day of July, we set off for our South of France holiday, staying in my uncle’s deuxième maison.  We had a fantastic time, I honestly didnt think I would enjoy it so much and I could have easily stayed there for the whole summer.  It is in a remote part of the Ardeche, nothing for miles and that was exactly what the Suki Lou tribe needed, no pressure to do anything – just relax and enjoy.  We stayed with my Uncle M, Auntie P and Nana and indulged in wonderfully calorific meals and amazing tartes locales de fruit.  The simplicity of it all really appealed to me, and if I had bucketfuls of money I would buy a house there just to enjoy during the summer months!

Exploring the local medieval village

The local fruit tarts were to die for!

We have been busier then ever with our NZ move and so this post doesnt become ridiculously long, click here to get to my NZ Project page for an update.

Even though I havent been able to find any me time in order to sit down and write more regularly on Suki-Lou, I have been able to find 5 minutes here and there to read my favourite bloggers posts, here are just a few of them:

Getting over Myself – Simone at Great Fun 4 Kids opened my eyes when she wrote about enjoying the moment more with her kids and being on the right side of the camera, so that in the years to come her and her family can look back and remember all the fun and adventures they shared together.  Made me realise that I too hide behind the camera lens way too much too!

Blogadesh – Chez Lee posted about the Bangladesh trip which 3 well known UK Mummy Bloggers are taking :: Sleep is for the Weak, Mummy Tips and NixdMinx ::  in order to raise awareness for Save the Children.

Mama Bears – Check out these cute little bears from the creation of BobbyRobbin.  Dang, I wish I would sew like that!

Well that’s it for now, but I’ll be back soon!

Suki-Lou x


6 responses to “Summer Holidays

  1. Love, love, love Little Miss’s birthday party and balloon wreath, looks like it was an amazing party. Thanks so much for the thankyou card – it was super cute 🙂 xx

  2. Wow! You’ve been busy, in a super fun way! I love the Birthday party theme, decorations and cakes you made – magic! Love the sound of your holiday in France too. Glad to hear all is well and best wishes with your NZ plans. Great post and lovely to read, Sarah x

    • @ Sarah – It was a magic party and much better than last year, where I just didnt have a clue. It was nice to have made the effort with the decorations, I think my guests were impressed that I could actually manage something like that! It was easy peasy to make though!

  3. Really loving the balloon wreath. What a fab idea!

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