Water Waster?

Here in the Suki-Lou household, we have been busy streamlining our way of living to help save as much money as possible for The Big Move!

The house we stayed at in France was so remote and as it did not have unlimited water on tap  (it all came from the precious reserve) we had to be aware of how much of the wet stuff we used when we showered and did the washing up.  Now we are back home, I can see how wasteful we truly are when it comes to water!

Then I came across this little water saver:

Water Pebble

With its traffic light warning system, this water pebble notes the length of your usual shower and then, for every shower afterwards reduces it by a fraction, end result being a 6 minute shower, so you are saving water without even realising it!  Genius!

Photo credit: Firebox.com


2 responses to “Water Waster?

  1. I need to get one of those! wow thanks

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