Judgement Day

Wow – what a weekend!!

So Hubster has been doing a spot of boxing on the side in order to keep himself in shape (he also loves competitive sports!) and now a year of training has passed, so it was time to get in the ring and have a proper bona fide fight.

The gym hosted a White Collar Boxing night at T47 in London on Saturday night, which is a sports venue in the vaults beneath London Bridge Station, and it was really well organised, there were 8 fights in total (one was girls boxing!! eeks, it was the scariest fight of the night), and Hubster was 4th on the billing.

In The Ring - Hubster is in the Blue Corner

Hubster and his opponent were well matched, but Hubster was calm, confident and had a much better fighting technique….and…… HE WON!!!  HOORAY!!

I am so proud of him!  From something that started out as just a hobby to keep fit, has turned into a real achievement, something that he can really look back on as say ‘Yeah, I did that!!’….

Well Done Hubster!

Winner! Hubster's Trophy


3 responses to “Judgement Day

  1. Yay!!! We’re all really proud of him 🙂

  2. That is truly awesome that he won! Aren’t you scared just a little?

    • @ notasoccermom – I am so proud of him!! Was feeling a bit emotional before he came out, but once he started throwing punches, I knew he would do well!

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