Where we are at…

Well, time has flown since my last post…here is the latest:

Little Miss – LM has changed so much since my last post, she is now potty trained (what a difference it makes with no daytime nappies!), she even takes herself off to the potty without needing any help!  Score!  LM has suddenly become very active (before she was a quiet child, happy to just to potter about), now she runs about, jumping and bouncing off everything!  It is exhausting! Always the bookworm, LM is now into learning words, which is great, and we have been doing our best to teach her simple words like cat, dog etc without pushing it too hard!  We are also in the ‘why?’ phase, which is blooming hard work – when I run out of answers to her endless questions, I now use the age old trick of turning the question on her, which seems to be working … at the moment!

Baby No.2 – I am due to have this baby next week!  Eek!  I can hardly believe it!  Am so ready to have her though (yes, its another girl!), as it has been one thing after the other from borderline anemia through to ongoing viruses.   My poor teeth have really suffered this time round and I have had to have 2 root canal treatments, both of which have been agony – there is no pain like it…I would have labour pains over tooth pain any day!!!

NZ Project – we have now sold the house and have booked our flights to NZ!  It is really happening!  We are out of here in only a couple of months!  It is surreal, as it has taken so long to plan & save for – about 3 long years!  We are now on the hunt for accomodation for when we arrive in NZ, sorting out shipping our furniture and figuring all sorts of other things out.  There is so much to think about – I am trying hard not to freak out & am just taking it one step at a time! We have to yet to arrange our leaving party for our friends, admittedly, I am dreading it as it will be really sad saying goodbye to everyone!

Well my next post will be a little while, but shall definitely check in to let you know how I get on with Baby No.2!!

Suki-Lou x


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