We did it!

It has been quiet here on my blog, but I have a good excuse – – promise!!

Hubster, Miss A, Miss K and I have just moved from the other side of the world to Auckland, New Zealand!

It has been nonstop, especially with 2 small kiddiwinks, but it is all good and we are now beginning to settle into life in NZ.

This is just a little post, just to let y’all know that we are ok – I have big plans to update you all with details of our adventure very soon!

Suki-Lou x


6 responses to “We did it!

  1. Welcome to NZ – I hope you have a wonderful time and people are friendly and welcoming. Niced to see you on Kiwi mummy blogs

  2. You made it!!! So sorry I haven’t stopped by in a while. I just saw your comment over at Great fun 4 kids blog re. Auckland and thought, ‘Wow! She’s arrived!’. Hope you’re all settling in well and I am sure you’ll be very happy (there’s a very strong, great blogging community up there too!). x

  3. Hey Suki-Lou!!!!
    Welcome to my side of the world. Sorry I am not there to greet you with muffins and tea, but I will be home soooon and ready to roll out the welcome mat!!! email me so I can ask you questions like… where are you living and what’s your phone number!

  4. Welcome! And I have to say that I am seriously impressed at you moving with such a little baby (not to mention another little one on top of that)! No easy thing 🙂

  5. Macaron Mania

    welcome to NZ Suki-Lou! Thanks for stopping by Macaron Mania….good luck with my giveaway!


    I am cracking up, seeing that Simone’s already beat me to the punch on that. Typical Simone! She’s so on her game. 😀

    I see you’ve got an ol’ link to BobbyRobin up there — good taste! Sarah’s blog’s moved to here though, in case you missed it:
    She’s such a gem, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to lose her in the move!

    I hope you love living in this place as much as we do!

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