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We did it!

It has been quiet here on my blog, but I have a good excuse – – promise!!

Hubster, Miss A, Miss K and I have just moved from the other side of the world to Auckland, New Zealand!

It has been nonstop, especially with 2 small kiddiwinks, but it is all good and we are now beginning to settle into life in NZ.

This is just a little post, just to let y’all know that we are ok – I have big plans to update you all with details of our adventure very soon!

Suki-Lou x


Am just checking in…..


Well I said it would be a while, and it sure has – though for me the past couple of months have just flown by!

We had a beautiful baby girl at the end of May, who will be known as Miss K.  She is wonderful, gorgeous and the spitting image of her big sister, Miss A. The first month was incredibly trying as we realised she was suffering from the mysterious colic, but we cracked out the infacol, Dr Brown bottles, soothers and burping techniques and found it was manageable and once we got her into a routine (no mean feat when fitting around Miss A as well) life has definitely improved.   No the colic has been replaced with a mild form of reflux, which, on balance, is a million billion trillion times better than colic – to hear that painful cry for hours on end was super hard to bear.  Hubby & I do still resemble zombies due to the lack of sleep – I would pay good money for 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep!

As you know we are moving to NZ in about a month’s time and preparing for the move has become a never ending To Do List.  It has been interesting trying to tackle all of this with a screaming baby and I cant say I would do it again in a hurry, but as the days draw nearer to our leaving date, I am starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel.  After all of this moving malarky though, we are definitely well deserved of a long holiday, which is how we plan to start our adventure in NZ!

We have started saying our goodbyes to friends and family which we knew would be the hardest part of all of this, but everyone is being really supportive of our decision to move and they also know that they can come and visit us anytime – what a great destination for a holiday 🙂

Shall be posting again soon but for now – take care y’all

Suki-Lou x


Where we are at…

Well, time has flown since my last post…here is the latest:

Little Miss – LM has changed so much since my last post, she is now potty trained (what a difference it makes with no daytime nappies!), she even takes herself off to the potty without needing any help!  Score!  LM has suddenly become very active (before she was a quiet child, happy to just to potter about), now she runs about, jumping and bouncing off everything!  It is exhausting! Always the bookworm, LM is now into learning words, which is great, and we have been doing our best to teach her simple words like cat, dog etc without pushing it too hard!  We are also in the ‘why?’ phase, which is blooming hard work – when I run out of answers to her endless questions, I now use the age old trick of turning the question on her, which seems to be working … at the moment!

Baby No.2 – I am due to have this baby next week!  Eek!  I can hardly believe it!  Am so ready to have her though (yes, its another girl!), as it has been one thing after the other from borderline anemia through to ongoing viruses.   My poor teeth have really suffered this time round and I have had to have 2 root canal treatments, both of which have been agony – there is no pain like it…I would have labour pains over tooth pain any day!!!

NZ Project – we have now sold the house and have booked our flights to NZ!  It is really happening!  We are out of here in only a couple of months!  It is surreal, as it has taken so long to plan & save for – about 3 long years!  We are now on the hunt for accomodation for when we arrive in NZ, sorting out shipping our furniture and figuring all sorts of other things out.  There is so much to think about – I am trying hard not to freak out & am just taking it one step at a time! We have to yet to arrange our leaving party for our friends, admittedly, I am dreading it as it will be really sad saying goodbye to everyone!

Well my next post will be a little while, but shall definitely check in to let you know how I get on with Baby No.2!!

Suki-Lou x

Its been a while….

actually, its been more than a while, near on 6 months.  Poor blog, I have totally neglected you – sorry!  But with good reason, check it out:

The big news is that we are expecting Baby No.2!!  We found out in September, just after Hubster’s big boxing match and just after I had gone back to work on a part time basis, since then it has been a whirlwind!

The first trimester was incredibly tiring, full of sickness and a horrible week with scares of a blood clot on my lungs (turned out to be a false alarm – phew!).  It took me a couple of weeks to realise that being preggers again meant I had to slow right down and give up a few of the things I had committed to, like volunteering at playgroup, walking the dog (duty now falls to Hubster) and basically rushing around like a headless chicken!

I am now well and truly in the second trimester, and after fighting off a horrible cold over Christmas and sorting out a nasty tooth with a bit of root canal work, I am feeling much better and can enjoy being pregnant!

Little Miss is very excited to be having a Baby Sister, though has yet to realise that she will have to share Mummy & Daddy!  Violet Posy shared this great post by Bambino Goodies about Preparing Children for a New Baby listing some great hints & tips, which I am definitely going to take on board.

Luckily for me, work were really good about my news (especially as I had just started, it was hard to go back into the meeting room & fess up about the new addition), so instead of working up to the time we plan to leave for NZ, I shall be working up until Baby 2 is ready to pop out in June.

The NZ move is still on and we shall definitely be packing up and leaving August/September time.  Hubster has now handed his notice in, which was a huge step for us as it made it all so REAL!!!  The months are beginning to fly by now, and I know that our final 7-8 months left in the UK are going to go quicker then a quick thing!

We have also been busy with Little Miss and the joys of potty training since Christmas time and even though we still have our good days and our bad days, she pretty much has it nailed…this was one of those big steps we wanted to get sorted before Baby 2 arrives on the scene!  One set of nappies is more than enough to have to deal with!

So that’s it in a nutshell!  I think you can agree, life has been full on for us, hence the lack of blogging.  No fear though, I have been keeping up with everyone with good old Google Reader, even if there hasnt been time to comment!

I shall try my best to keep on blogging about how we are getting on, especially with the move to NZ!

Take care y’all

Suki-Lou x

Headless Chicken anyone?

Well, as ever it never stops at the Suki-Lou household!  Latest update is……I’m going back to work!

Yes!  This is the big reveal that I couldn’t mention before due to certain things needing to be sorted before going live with my announcement.

As the NZ project has been put back until August 2011, I felt it wouldn’t do any harm to keep myself occupied for the year and TBH the few extra pennies coming in won’t do any harm either!

I have been lucky enough to get a position back at my previous stockbroking firm, where I will be working 3 days a week.  Truth be told, I am not sure exactly what I will be doing but am not too bothered as long as it something that will keep the old noggin ticking over.

To ensure I am running around like a headless chicken, I have also volunteered at Little Miss’ playgroup, helping out once a week with general duties like putting toys out/putting them away etc.  It is the best playgroup I have found in the area, and everyone is so friendly (quite rare for this part of Surrey!), so it is actually more of a social thing for Little Miss and I.  It’s a win, win all round.  Sweet!

I must say, I really needed my year out to shake off the whole ‘suit‘ attitude I had going on (I was turning into a right old nobhead), and have been lucky to be given the time to figure out the whole motherhood malarky and become the kind of mummy I really wanted to be….if that makes sense!

I realise how fortunate I am, to be able to concentrate on finding myself again and have come out the other side as a more confident, yet chilled out happy bunny.  Big thank you to Hubster for my year off, couldn’t have done it without ya!!

With the NZ Project hovering overhead, it was also paramount to have the space to freely research and organise our move, I cant tell you how much stuff has to be done before jetting off!  Now that is all sorted, it is just waiting in the wings for the word “go”, something that gives me deep joy as I get a big kick out of being super organised!

So what with part time work, playgroup, my Suki-Lou blog, my Xarpie blog (which is still in its infancy) and the possibility of walking my cousin’s crazy brown lab ontop of all the usual household chores, I shall have every minute of my day full and as you may have guessed that is just how I like it!

Sayonara peeps!

Suki-Lou x

Busy as a Little Bee

Another month has just shot by and that means only one thing, half of 2010 is now nearly done!

Summer is finally in full swing here in the UK and we are loving it, spending alot of time in the garden playing with the hastily purchased sand/water tray, bubble machine and pop up tent!  It is so nice to be outside and enjoying the weather, instead of being stuck indoors.  Little Miss’ favourite game at the moment is playing with her toy tea set, I fill up the plastic teapot with water and am then poured lots of cups of ‘tea’.  It is a great way to keep yourself hydrated, as Little Miss is a very insistent tealady!  Go on, go on, go on, go on!

A large proportion of the UK have been suffering with hayfever this year due to the change in seasons being so sporadic, concluding in all the flowers and grasses going mental, the air has been thick with the stuff. As a result, the pollen count has been intense.  Even poor old Black Dog suffered a couple mornings with the wretched stuff and came up with hives all over her eyes and muzzle.  A visit to the vet was definitely in order as the previously prescribed Prition wasnt even touching the sides, and got some hardcore drugs to help get it under control.

As this is our last year in the UK, we have been trying to fit in all the events we would normally surpass, like the local agricultural county shows.  We went to the Cowpie Country Show with Little Miss and Black Dog and had an awesome time, we got there early, before the masses, and so were able to go around and see all the stalls and shows without all the argy bargy!  A couple of weeks later we went to the Surrey County Show, which was massive in comparison, but surprisingly not as good.  Maybe we just out country showed ourselves?

June is also a celebratory month for us, as Hubster and I celebrated our 3rd Wedding Anniversary….blimey, doesnt time fly when you are having fun!  We kept it a low key event and had a weekend of hanging and eating out…lots!  As token gifts were the order of the day, Hubster kindly gave me a bag of teeny tiny love hearts (aahh) and I gave a set of bath crayons to my one and only.  Ok, so bath crayons do not initially seem like a romantic gift, but I saw this at How Does She? and just loved the idea.

Life has been busy with Little Miss, she is such a chatterbox!  I thought I was bad, but blimey, I cannot keep up!  She is so much more confident these days too, sometimes she just astounds me!  We have been going to a great little playgroup on Monday mornings, where its not too busy and everyone is really kind and friendly and they have a great selection of toys.  Little Miss loves it, especially the craft table where there is a different theme each week.  We have made foam ties for Fathers Day, baskets, paper flowers, painted pictures and so much more.  It is so good there, I have decided to volunteer and help tidy up afterwards, to ensure it continues to run!

I must add that Little Miss is now entertaining the idea of potty training.  There has been alot of interest on toilets, potties and nappies of late, and I am sure that she is gearing up for it.  She is more keen on it than me, as I plan to keep her in nappies for as long as I can!

I have also been very busy surfing the web for party ideas as Little Miss turns TWO in July.  I cannot believe she is 2 already!!  I have seen some great ideas, I just have to discipline myself and get on with actioning them before the day is upon me.  I shall let you know how I get on in my next post!

The NZ move is still moving forward and we have now sent off all the paperwork in order to get that visa.  It should take about 4 months and so fingers crossed, all will be ok.  We need to start making big decisions about our current house and *gulp* it is all getting very real and a bit scary.  I have been very busy sorting out necessary paperwork, enquiring about pet shipping, furniture shipping, plane tickets, car hire, house rentals, there is so much the list is never ending.  It is all becoming a bit daunting to be honest!  There have also been talks with family members who are now realising that we are really going.  It is so hard to not feel guilty about leaving and it seems like staying would be much easier than going, but we know that NZ is the right place for us and so must keep strong through these hard times.  Dang it though, we will miss them all.

I think this year has been super hard and without my realising it, I was on a real downer.   I wasnt depressed, just my mood was flat – for months.  It took me a while to figure out that I had lost my mojo!  I decided to forgo going to the doctors as I knew it wasnt something a prescription could help me with and instead visited a reflexologist.  A dear friend of mine had recently wowed me with her own experience of reflexology and so I went for it!  I have now had two sessions and it is amazing!!  As well as kick starting me out of my funk, I have also learnt so much about myself from just my toes and feet.  After giving birth to Little Miss, I realised my mind has little control over my body (it has its own agenda!) and so I am learning to listen to my body and give it what it needs – starting with reflexology!

Finally, to end the month on a high, Hubster and I set off for a long weekend away to enjoy the amazing Glastonbury Festival. We packed Little Miss off to go and stay with the Grandparents whilst we danced the nights away.  It was AWESOME and I’m sorry readers, but I barely took any photos – I was having such a great time, I didnt even think about it!  The weather was exceptional, not a rain cloud in sight and the bands were excellent.  We saw (in no particular order):

The Gorillaz, Mumford & Sons, Shakira, The Dead Weather, Ash, Muse, Scissor Sisters, Keane, Alabama 3, LCD Soundsystem, Bombay Bicycle Club and Ellie Goulding.

Admittely, it doesnt sound like a lot, but sadly so many of the bands I wanted to see clashed with each other, so some hard choices had to be made.  This was Glastonbury’s 40th year and they really went for it with the lineup.

Hubster was a festival virgin and did not like the idea of camping in a field with a gazillion other people, so we went mad and stayed in a luxurious yurt.  We also splashed out and bought hospitality tickets, which meant we had entry to the more exclusive parts of Glasto, though sadly the super duper artists must hang out in a extra special zone, which we had no access to.  I did spot a few well knowns though: the guy from Newsround, Andy Parsons and Michael Eavis (the founder of Glastonbury Festival).   The best bit about the hospitality tickets were the fact that we could escape the crowds and have a sanctuary with clean toilets!  It also meant we could zip through shortcuts to make it from one side of the festival to other in no time at all rather than fight our way through the masses.

Glasto 40 - Our luxurious yurt

Glasto 40 - Sunset on Monday

It was easy to have the Glasto blues when we got back home, but we missed Little Miss so much, it was great to see her again and have our little family all back together again.  Though the Grandparents did an amazing job looking after Little Miss, she was properly entertained and actually more tired than us when we finally got home!

Well, that’s all for now folks, but shall update you all after Little Miss’ birthday party which is just round the corner! I had beter crack on!!

See y’all soon



Well it’s been another couple of weeks and a fair bit has been going on:

:: I turned an omnious 31 and so that’s it, I am now definitely a thirty-something and no longer in my twenties *sighs* I drowned my sorrows with a few beers with mates in the local pub the Saturday before and then on the actual day Hubster took me out for a fabulous lunch, which was delish.  I also did well on the present front, MIL (whose birthday is only a few days before mine) and I decided to save on postage expenses and buy our own present from each other (if that makes sense?!). I was going to buy a Fiona Gibson novel, but Waterstones were doing a buy 2, get one free deal & there was a Handle with Care by Jodi Picoult on the stand which I hadn’t yet read, so I got myself that instead.  Suki-Lou fact: I love Jodi Picoult, though Hubster raises a good point, how does she churn them out so quickly? Typing monkeys complete with cigars is our conclusion – but feel free to post your answers in the comments box below 😉 .  The two other books I got were The Catcher in the Rye by J D Salinger (one of those classics that is a must read) and One Day by David Nicholls, which was actually a surprisingly excellent book, I got so absored I finished it before the week was out and blubbed like a baby at the end.  This book is a keeper!

:: Little Miss and I have started this term’s TumbleTots and Sing & Sign, which is great as we now have our solid routine back, though I think I did a pretty good job filling the weeks where we had no scheduled activities (it is so much easier to do stuff when it is nice outside), with picnics, trips to local playgrounds & farms, meeting up with peeps and even the odd lunch out.  Shall keep squeezing these in, as they were so much fun and I want to enjoy as much of that sunshine as I can.  You never know, I might actually get some sort of a resemblance to a tan this year!

:: I also spent a day in the garden, not sunning mysel though mind, I was working hard, pulling up weeds, tearing down a wallful of unwanted ivy, mowing our ickle lawn, strimming the edges ( until the damn thing broke)  and tidying up all the bits hubster can’t be bothered to do.. It was exhausting but totally worth it.  Now we can enjoy the garden without feeling like we really should be getting on with chores.  Looking out of our bathroom window, I can see how all out hard work has paid off, our garden looks so much bigger than our neihbours (even hhough they are the same size) as we have tricked the eye with gardening design techniques. Hee hee thank you ….. The only thing left is to sort the shed out *gulp* it is really bad in there, infact the shed is known as The Shed of Doom.  I reckon it will take a day to sort it all out and that means lots of trips to the tip.  I would be lying if I said I was looking forward to it, though in a Monica Geller way, I do enjoy organising stuff…sad, I know!

I wish my shed looked like this! That would be awesome!

:: We took a day trip down to our nearest dog friendly beach, Climping, on Sunday.  Black Dog was so excited, it has been ages since we last went down there.  Initially it was great, even though it was windy and a bit rainy, but it warmed up after a while and we collected interesting stones and shells to take home for LM to play with in her new sandtray.  Little Miss soon lost interest though and did not seem to be enjoying our trip so much, so we decided to cut it short & have our picnic in the car (the rain came back) before heading home.  All was well, we had parked by the entrance to the marina so we could watch the boats sailing in & out whilst munching on our sandwiches.  Little Miss had chilled out and so I suggested that Hubster went to go and get the icecreams (can’t go to the beach without having an icecream!).  what a mistake-a to make-a, no sooner had he gone, then bleugh, Little Miss threw up all over herself, me, the inside of our car.  I will spare you the details, but let’s just say there was lots of it and did you know cars have lots of little hideyholes for liquid substances to run into? What a design flaw!  Turns out it wasn’t the beach that was upsetting Little Miss, it was the onset of hand, foot & mouth – a gift from nursery I suspect.  A week later, poor LM is still suffering with bad mouth ulcers, although is sleeping lots which I think is the best way to fight off such nasties.  I imagine we will be back on track next week.

:: Hubster has now had his medical which cost a pretty penny, but is required in order to pass NZ immigration.  It is a bit scary as it covers everything (NZ don’t want folks coming in on visas and start depending on the state’s health service) so ‘aliens’ have to be fit & sound.  Hopefully everything will come back a-ok and we can then apply for that visa!  Talking of NZ, LM’s first babysitter recently moved out there and has just had a baby girl – well done R&J! Am looking forward to catching up with them (& meeting their little bundle of joy) when we get out there.

:: BTW have you seen the Hyperbole and a Half blog…it is too funny!

:: Well I’d better stop rambling on, I have a date with my girlfriends to do a wine tour at Vinopolious this arvo (how very sophisticated!) – I think I am looking forward to the Bombay Sapphire gin cocktail taster the most though TBH!

Sayōnara folks