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Headless Chicken anyone?

Well, as ever it never stops at the Suki-Lou household!  Latest update is……I’m going back to work!

Yes!  This is the big reveal that I couldn’t mention before due to certain things needing to be sorted before going live with my announcement.

As the NZ project has been put back until August 2011, I felt it wouldn’t do any harm to keep myself occupied for the year and TBH the few extra pennies coming in won’t do any harm either!

I have been lucky enough to get a position back at my previous stockbroking firm, where I will be working 3 days a week.  Truth be told, I am not sure exactly what I will be doing but am not too bothered as long as it something that will keep the old noggin ticking over.

To ensure I am running around like a headless chicken, I have also volunteered at Little Miss’ playgroup, helping out once a week with general duties like putting toys out/putting them away etc.  It is the best playgroup I have found in the area, and everyone is so friendly (quite rare for this part of Surrey!), so it is actually more of a social thing for Little Miss and I.  It’s a win, win all round.  Sweet!

I must say, I really needed my year out to shake off the whole ‘suit‘ attitude I had going on (I was turning into a right old nobhead), and have been lucky to be given the time to figure out the whole motherhood malarky and become the kind of mummy I really wanted to be….if that makes sense!

I realise how fortunate I am, to be able to concentrate on finding myself again and have come out the other side as a more confident, yet chilled out happy bunny.  Big thank you to Hubster for my year off, couldn’t have done it without ya!!

With the NZ Project hovering overhead, it was also paramount to have the space to freely research and organise our move, I cant tell you how much stuff has to be done before jetting off!  Now that is all sorted, it is just waiting in the wings for the word “go”, something that gives me deep joy as I get a big kick out of being super organised!

So what with part time work, playgroup, my Suki-Lou blog, my Xarpie blog (which is still in its infancy) and the possibility of walking my cousin’s crazy brown lab ontop of all the usual household chores, I shall have every minute of my day full and as you may have guessed that is just how I like it!

Sayonara peeps!

Suki-Lou x