The NZ Project

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The NZ Project is our plan to move from the UK to the NZ…

I have been living in the UK for years now, but the older I get, the more I dream of going home.  The Hubster fell in love with NZ when we last visited and wants to be there as much as I do!  Like all other parents out there, we want only the best for our Little Miss (and also for any other future sprogs!) and we feel that NZ is a good place to start.

So this page will be dedicated to our progress of The NZ Project – nothing long winded, just updates as and when they happen.

November 2009

Still in the planning stages…got to take our time with this otherwise it will all go to pot.  In the meantime we are working to make our UK home more desirable for future sale, so we are finally sorting the dodgy guttering, updating the windows/doors and giving the downstairs a lick of paint!

January 2010

Well the past couple of months have been hectic!  As you know we have been busy giving the house a well deserved makeover (what a difference it has made!), but now the time has come to knuckle down and get started on those emigration forms.  A friend who recently moved down under, kindly gave me her stack of Australia & New Zealand magazines, and I read at least one a day.  There is so much to think about!

May 2010

We have now hired a visa specialist to help us with the hurdle of getting the Hubster’s family visa, but so far hasnt done much except point us in the right direction!  I have been busy sorting LM’s passports (both UK & NZ) as well as obtaining her NZ citizenship and I am over the moon to be able to say that as of today they have been sorted.  Now it is time to complete police certificates for both me & the Hubster (to prove we arent hardened criminals!!!) and the Hubster needs to arrange his medical certificate.  After that, we shall be getting the Visa Dude to start the visa application process for us!  How very exciting!!

Although it does feel like our lives are on hold at the moment, instead of hanging around waiting to go, we have been busy preparing ourselves financially, ensuring all the boring stuff like pensions, savings etc are in the right place for us.   And as you know we recently had some work done to the house to make it more ‘rentable’, so the Hubster has been tasked with the unenviable duty of getting the garden up to scratch too.  Luckily it isnt a massive job, as its not a massive garden!

I think reality is beginning to kick in for friends and family who thought NZ was only a pipe dream for us, and now realise that we are dead set on making our move out there.  Most are interested to hear about how are plans are going and although are sad to see us go are happy for us, others though are still very quiet about the subject.  It is a toughie for both us and them.

August 2010

Well, things have totally turned around for the Suki-Lou family.  There we were entering the heavy planning stages of moving abroad, the house was on the market (to sell, which is a more financially stable decision, then going down that risky renting road), I was busy getting quotes from storage/moving companies, working out the logistics of moving Black Dog and the rest*.  We have been keeping a fervent eye on the exchange rate for the NZ$ and to be honest, it isnt looking that great at the moment.  What with the higher cost of living in NZ compared to the UK, coupled with the fact that job earnings wont even come close as to what we can rake in at the moment, we soon realised that our ‘moving’ savings pot will be heavily relied upon as soon as we arrive on the shores of Auckland.  Therefore, getting a job would be paramount, and it became clear that if we moved in February 2011, it would be the most stressful thing ever!

How depressing, so close to our dream, but a dream that was quickly turning into a nightmare.  We tried looking at the problem at every other angle to see if there was another way so we could still jet off in Feb 2011, but the best solution we found was to hold off for another 6 months, therefore leaving in August 2011, not February**.

Six more months to scrape and save every penny we can, which, if the maths works out, should make our move a more enjoyable one.  We envisage having time to settle in and, as our migration adviser put it, “count the waves’….not forever, but for at least a week or two!!!

So the NZ project has been put on a back burner for a while, at least until early 2011, I am going back to work part-time and we shall be saving every penny we can!

* I cant even begin to tell you how much stuff there is to consider when moving.  Its not just your furniture, personal belongings etc, there are big and essential decisions that have to be made about money!  But more about that later!

** Sounds much better to think of our move being postponed six months on from Feb rather than the actual 12 months from when we decided to stay on to save more money!


4 responses to “The NZ Project

  1. All the best with your little steps to your final goal. It’s wonderful that you are both keen to make the move. So often, one person in the relationship wants to stay and the other go – which makes life so very hard.

    I miss my family in the UK so much, but with our little Kiwi children I can’t see us moving back in the near future. They are so happy here and they have a great future ahead of them. There will be time to return to Europe in the future and, no doubt, they’ll be backpacking over there in their twenties!

  2. Oh wow Suki-lou!! You are moving down HERE?!!! Wahoo! NZ rocks!
    Are you coming to Auckland?? I can totally point you in the right direction if Auckland is your destination!
    Mt Albert! Mt Albert is the suburb to be. Great schools, great preschools, family oriented, shopping mall close by, motorway access to ANYWHERE, wherever the jobs are it doesn’t matter it’s easy to get to… oh and REALLY NICE PEOPLE including ME who would LOVE to show you round and introduce you to loads of other really nice people!!
    Plus my hubby is a BRIT!

    Say it’s Auckland! xx

    • Hey Simone….firstly apologies for my late late reply….I have been up to my neck!

      Secondly….YES! Auckland IS where we are heading for! I shall have to check out Mt Albert – it sounds awesome & I would love to meet you and yours 🙂 I am sure the Hubster would like to know a fellow Brit out there to

      The whole NZ move is getting a bit ‘real’ now & we are just ever so slightly freaking out about it! But I shall save all that for my next post!

      Thank you for your enthusiasm though – it put a smile on my face and made it all a bit less daunting knowing there are people rooting for us!!


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